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Anthony Harman , that’s my name... A geek in my late thirty I live in Surabaya But I spent my youth in Cepu, a hot city in the border area between Central and East Java Later, I arrived at Surabaya, which makes me so busy until now Complicated life tough , but I learned lot from this accidental life Long of my life is a marketer ... Long of my ambition become a big boss ... Long of my nature is a good husband and great father ... After I worked as salesman for several companies, I now decide to take care my new brand project in Sinar Baja Electric. Don’t precisely sure what exactly do, but I think everything is under control . I am doing sales team leadership and building a brand awareness . I am a kind of guy who likes to learn lot, for everything. That’s why I think when I think is under control, I do much to learn how to control everything. I love to play video games , some of my favorite collection like Hitman series, Gran Tourismo series and kind of GTA genres, but