Anthony Harman, that’s my name...

A geek in my late thirty

Anthony Harman

I live in Surabaya
But I spent my youth in Cepu, a hot city in the border area between Central and East Java
Later, I arrived at Surabaya, which makes me so busy until now
Complicated life tough, but I learned lot from this accidental life

Long of my life is a marketer... Long of my ambition become a big boss... Long of my nature is a good husband and great father...

After I worked as salesman for several companies, I now decide to take care my new brand project in Sinar Baja Electric. Don’t precisely sure what exactly do, but I think everything is under control. I am doing sales team leadership and building a brand awareness.

I am a kind of guy who likes to learn lot, for everything. That’s why I think when I think is under control, I do much to learn how to control everything.

I love to play video games, some of my favorite collection like Hitman series, Gran Tourismo series and kind of GTA genres, but now has paused, because of lack in new PS2 title to play.

I love to watch movie, a serious genres like Bourne series and The Recruit, a science fiction like Starwars series, and some documentaries like war movies.

I love to listen a music, too. Movie score genre like Hans Zimmer's creation is one of my favorite.

I also like to start a write, more likely for this blog.

Any Question ? Contact Me at

Mmm, good luck to you! Happy reading!

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