Whoa! it is an honor to write in this blog. I believe this is the first post comes from an external author. Thanks to Babahe for giving this opportunity =)

My first post here will be reviewing this blog. Although my own blog is still in a temporary design, and still hasnt fulfill my expectation (coz i dunt have time to manage hiks) but i'd like to give a short review on Anthony's blog website.

1. The title "DESTINY" (7/10)
--> Honestly i dont know why Anthony picked this title, besides "it sounds good" but i think the word has a close relationship with his life, so i guess he'll try to show that this blog is writing more about his life.

2. The Design (8/10)
- I like the way Anthony expresses himself in this blog. The design, and everything do reflect his personality. I think i can give a name for the design which is so-Anthony-oriented: "Honestly Me" . In my opinion, the title Honestly Me is very suitable because Anthony has been so honest in expressing himself into its blog design through:

--> Black colour : Expression of his style of "courage & darkness" which becomes his background. If you read Anthony's post about his past, you'll know what i mean by courage & darkness. (well it doesnt mean Anthony has been joining some dark stuffs hahaha, what i mean by dark is he loves the "heavy" style like gothic , heroism , so-man-style, baca: lanang banget)

--> His Personal information which explained very cleared and detail.. well.. I think some words are too dramatical like : "Long of my life... is become a marketer.. Long of my Ambition is to become a Jedi??..."

--> Personality table and his friendster icon. Very honest person which will give full information about himslef, and even give link of sources to find out more about Anthony. Well.. I guess he is a very open person and willing to welcome anyone who wants to know him more

--> Let's move downward: Now you can find the very humourous style of this person: The slide show which contains of his-own-edited-pictures ... besides Anthony's pics, this slide shows also performing the craziness of this person such as: Placing his dog's pic (edited as Jedi-Branz).. bringing a light saber with fighting pose .. it is Brandy Doggie who replace Master Yoda's face..
(oh so pity Master Yoda) hahahhaa

3. The Posts (7/10)
Well.. one of my favourite post in this blog is actually the "Atneim Sport".. it is new and creative in my opinion. The writing style is very communicative and it is very good to put a logo pic. Great!

Actually the post "Our Way Home" is also very good but since I have read it many times.. (it was posted on 2007 on his previous blog, i got read it for more than 10 times I hink) I got bored.. so i couldnt enjoy this post anymore.

The worst post is the "Ramalan Jucelino" post. It is a too-long-to-be-read post and makes my eyes tired of reading. Moreover the content is not clear, and after searching at google, i wonder the only information about Jucelino is inside Anthony's post only (same article posted by different person, but no other information)

I think this blog is good.. I say this because I know exactly how Anthony has put his every single efforts for publishing this blog. He used to be a writer, and stopped. But now it is time for him to come back practing writing ..well.. i guess blogging is a good start!

His writings combined with his unique style (his imagination of "fantasy land") i believe will be lovely to be read.. by anyone.. but there is one thing i dont like about this blog: Too many "elements" are there, include: advertisings hahaha (though i thank Anthony for advertize my Bebek Remuk as well =D)

Well.. that s my review on this website... =) Dont review mine, hehee.. havent ready to be reviewed =P

For those of you who come visiting this webiste : Dont forget to give a feedback & comments.. Anthony has already give a special space and attention to this (you may check at the shoutbox or comments window =)

Written by: Milka Yustanika


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