Xbox360, A Microsoft's Damned Gaming Console

All of you should known a Xbox360, a gaming console that made by the big name..., Microsoft.

As a videogame freak, I also really wanted to have it. Finally, before the Moslem Holiday ago, with the damn hard struggle, so I successfully bought that thing.

At the first, I was quite happy to enjoy that console. After 7 years bored to playing around with Playstation 2 games, what that presented by the Xbox360 would make my vacation with joyfull journey. There was many game titles that I blass them all just in a week

Microsoft was not only offer an excellent graphic through this Xbox360. But also provides excess to install the dvd games to HDD that already include in the package. DVD drive optic damage problems that has been haunting PS2 definitely solved by this improvement.

Not only that, Xbox360 also make users feel amazed with the ability for online gaming via the internet. With this facility, we certainly can play games online with the other Xbox360 users around the world.

The Problems began to rough me up at the end October ago, my Xbox360 suddenly died. That my favorite game machine is strike a desease that term 3RROD aka 3 Red Ring Of Death. It's so creepy huh ...

After searching through Google, I found out, that since it was first launched, Xbox360 was never recovered from this disease. I do not understand about the technical things that cause a damage. However, Microsoft has reportedly made a mistake in designing their gaming device, that causing excessive heat. That machine will not work properly with the three red light flashing around the on/off button. I had to spend 400 thousand rupiahs for repairing this damned damage.

Just end it like that? No!

About a month later, 3RROD cameback to strike my Xbox360. I really want to slam-out that damn machine... I try to find more information through the Internet, and this is the fact that I must face it... 3RROD was like the AIDS virus, there is no chance to avoid it, and even the Xbox360 users around the world contrived dizzy with this disease.

Why the big IT companies like Microsoft was not ashamed to letting this shit failed product out there? I really hate to have bought it ... I think, The foolish Microsoft RnD team needs to goes to school much longer in order to make the good game consol like Sony Plasystation 3.

Please reconsider if you want to buy this damned console. I think, this is entertainment device that not entertaining anymore.

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  1. Nice Post bro....

    Apakabar nih....

    Ramein blogosphere lagi yuk...

  2. wah saya belum pernah nyoba xbox ne...
    btw, good job...


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