How Much Your Capacity?

How much income did you earn every month? Is it enough for your life and for your family? And, are you satisfied with that amount you got?

Honestly, we all have no satisfied with what we've got. Perhaps there's simple reason for this, because it's not according to what we've done. But, just try to calculate with a list of needs that must be you meet ..., even if we say not quite, but we can still survive, although with a bit of struggle.

Now, just imagine...
What if your salary suddenly increasing about 10 times from the previous amount. Whether it was due to the official promotion, a lot of sales order or legal clicks on your Adsense ads ...

What happened...
Maybe you have not noticed, that the money is going to out at last. Smoked... and even you will confused about how the big money can out so fast.

Because, if we become like a cup, we have filled with water that exceeds our capacity, to overflow and be wasted.

I just wanted to share about what I think about the size of the secret of God's blessing delegated to each his own.

Sometimes we see ...
There are some people who are lucky to be born from a wealthy family, and will continue the rest of his life with much money (certainly there so many around us to made for example).

Some people are born bad, but through hard struggle he achieved success and become rich (which can be found in the biographies of successful people).

There are also people who are born in difficult life, Altough they have tried to work hard but still hard as well (this happens in most of us. Pardon me ...).

Is The God has been fair to us?
The answer is, of course God has do something very fair and be generous. Because God pours His blessings plentiful with the same liters for all the people whom He loved. But our capacity for receiving His blessing that was different, each other.

If you want more, just try make up your capacity more bigger...
What is the capacity? It's little difficult to make us understand about that. But I have one question. If we can answer this question, we gonna be know the answer the question int the title of this article.

If you suddenly got a fortunes $1M, What would you do?

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  1. this about money friends..? hohoho...
    apa kabar.. lama juga ngga kesini

  2. $1M, bikin perusahaan biar "ngegaji" orang bukan "digaji" orang seperti sekarang ini..he3x...


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