A Letter for My God

My Heavenly Father, when are you going to give us a child?

A Letter for GodThe Bible says, We must have faith for what we pray from You. But, how long we can keep this faith if You're not going to turn Your face to us.

The Bible also says, the time will come for You to grant our hope. And of course Your own time is not same as ours. However, we don't have time anymore to keep looking forward to Your time, Father.

I need a longer time to enjoy the great things with our child, if You are really willing to give that gift to us. But how we can get it if that gift still did not arrive until now, while the time keep running without await.

Maybe You've treat Abraham with the same situation to us. But, I'm not Abraham, and I don't need a great blessing like you gave for him.

It's enough for me, if you pleased to give a little than you have given to Your other children. But, until this very day, there's no signs from You to bless us a bit of Your mercy.

I am not a rebellious son who always let You down. And I think, there're still a lot of the others that worse than me. But You keep giving them something that you never done for us. Even for people who're not responsible for the precious gift that you have given to them.

A Baby from GodThere're always many rich people who still able to seek the presence of a baby with a lot of their money. Very expensive check-up and treatment, insemination, IVF, whatever...
They says, if there're no effort, then You will not be willing to give it. But, what about the people who are unable to rely on the big money like me? Did Your blessing are only available to those who have wealth?

Many priests say, this envy is evil deception to keep me away from You, but You must absolutely knew that I had been away from You because of this bitter feeling.

Please forgive me, God...
Not easy for me to accept with gratitute what have You destined to us.

From Your stepson...


  1. I think you haven't read the memo I 'received' from my 'Boss' lately. It's here: http://blognyaf2.blogspot.com/2010/01/memo-dari-bos.html. I hope it can answer your open letter a bit. I can't say anything else than this: I have faith on Him, that He knows all the best for us, and that He will give us what we need only in His own time. What we should do is just to keep this faith and to hand on all our life into His hands.

    Hopefully this will help...


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